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The JEKELANWANG business travel outdoor sports brand, which originated in Germany, has always been based on the product concept of quality and customer demand, adhered to the spirit of perfect quality, and advocated the enjoyment of simple, comfortable and fun outdoor experience.

JEKELANWANG brand entered China in 2008. Its products are mainly developed by the German product research and development center. With the spirit of German craftsmanship and quality, after more than ten years of efforts, its "German Seiko" quality has always been respected. Its products are popular in China, Europe and the United States, and its sales outlets are all over the world.

JEKELANWANG products continue the pure German origin and noble and free style of Central Europe, while taking into account the physical characteristics and cultural connotation of the Orientals, pay close attention to the living needs of international and domestic consumers, strengthen product research and development design, and constantly introduce high-quality living equipment iteratively.

JEKELANWANG provides consumers with a more comfortable outdoor experience and leads the new trend in the outdoor field with a high-quality lifestyle that fits the business, travel, sports, urban, leisure and other scenes

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