Pre sales service

Pre sales service

1. Provide professional product description and use suggestions, and assist in formulating procurement planning scheme
2. Provide procurement samples according to customer needs, and provide professional product size guidance and suggestions
3. Provide all kinds of qualification certificates that meet the current national standards
4. Provide feasible product adjustment opinions according to customer needs
5. Develop, design and make group purchase products that meet customer's fabric and style requirements

On sale service

1. Distribute packaging and deliver goods to the door according to customer requirements
2. Adjust a certain proportion of product models and sizes according to customer needs
3. Provide guidance and relevant training on the use of equipment products purchased by customers
4. Provide door-to-door installation and commissioning according to the equipment products purchased by customers

On sale service
After-sale service

After-sale service

1. Provide San Bao experience in line with national regulations
2. Continuous and timely response to after-sales service

Customized application

In order to provide better customization service and ensure the normal customization work, please fill in the application form in advance, and we will contact you in time.


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